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Advanced view and API fees

Fees on Advanced view and API depends on your current volume

Exchange 30 days volume495.28 BTC

User 30 day volume in BTC
Taker fee
Maker fee
> 0 BTC0.20%Free
> 10 BTC0.19%
> 20 BTC0.18%
> 30 BTC0.17%
> 60 BTC0.16%
> 120 BTC0.15%
> 180 BTC0.14%
> 240 BTC0.11%
> 600 BTC0.08%
> 1200 BTC0.05%

How are fees processed?

The fee discount calculation is done after every trade a user makes. The fee will apply instantly to the next trade a user makes.

Maker vs. Taker

Takers are defined as the users who place an order based on the market price, thus, gets fulfilled right away, while Makers are those users who placed the order based on their desired price (limit order) - orders made by makers can only be fulfilled if another user places an order that matches the maker’s price.

When a user places an order that gets partially fulfilled immediately, then the user will incur a taker fee for that portion of the order, while the remaining volume of the order will then be placed on the order book, and will incur the maker order fee once it gets a match.

Buy & Sell fees

The fee on the Buy & Sell page is calculated internally by the system and will be displayed in the summary section to make sure you're well-informed of the fees before you confirm the trade.

Withdrawals & Deposits

Ic btcBitcoin0.00008 BTCFree
Ic ethEthereum0.002 ETH
Ic ethEthereum Tokens
Suggested network fee x 2.3
Ic ltcLitecoin0.0001 LTC
Ic iotIota0.0 IOT
Ic bchBitcoin Cash0.0001 BCH
Ic nanoNano0.0 NANO
Ic trxTron0.1 TRX
Ic grlcGarlicoin0.0015 GRLC
Ic xrpRipple0.2 XRP
Ic ecaElectra0.00001 ECA
Ic adaCardano1.0 ADA
Ic dogeDogecoin1.0 DOGE
Ic dascDasCoin0.2 DASC
Ic usdtTetherUS1.0 USDT
Ic eosEOS0.05 EOS
Ic eurSEPA1 €1 €
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