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Our mission at CoinFalcon is to put the future of money, in the pockets of the world.

For too long, our shallow pockets have been a reminder of the illusion of control centralized institutions have sewed upon us. Day by day, we tear a stitch, seeing the glimmer, a faint sliver of what our money, our very lives, could look like truly unencumbered by an aged system.

With cryptocurrency, we have broken every stitch and found the true depth our pockets have yearned to provide for our financial future. Fighting by your side, CoinFalcon will help guide you along this path, by putting the future of money, in your pockets.

Cryptocurrency is freedom, let us liberate.

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Jordan steeves

CEO & Chief Troublemaker

Jordan Steeves

Our team

We work with best people.

  • Seaify

    Silence Guru


  • Mateusz krywko

    Conversation Assassin

    Mateusz Krywko

    Frontend developer with passion. I solve the impossible immediately, miracles takes a bit longer.

  • Piotr miloszweski

    Connoisseur of Pantone

    Piotr Miłoszewski

    Designer focused on real experiences. Users problems solver.